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Dog and cat owners are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of processed pet foods and the possible side-effects from over-use of antibiotics and hormone treatments in the product contained within them.

The more we investigated commercial dog and cat food, the more we felt betrayed.  We were under the impression that we were giving the best quality nutrition that money could buy, when really, we were not.  

We found there was another way of feeding our beloved pets: Raw fresh food. 

We found this was not a fad, but was how families fed their pets before the rise of the kibble. Prior to WWII, canine companions flourished on a diet consisting of mostly raw meaty bones and table scraps.  We have spent a great deal of time researching; reading and consulting with seasoned raw feeders and various animal care professionals. Seeking out top quality, human-grade meat with no chemicals or fillers became our number one priority. We wanted to be absolutely confident that the meat, bones, fish and all related products we were feeding our dogs came from trustworthy sources; government inspected facilities. Beyond that, our pureed raw vegetable mixtures are prepared holistically from our own garden. We're not just suppliers; we're guardians to 2 packs consisting of nine large shepherds, three labs, a golden retriever, a dachshund and a large crazy feline.  We’re breeders, we’re trainers, but most importantly we're dog & cat lovers. We have found the right balance for our own pack and would like to share the knowledge; helping others bring out the best in their dogs and cats. We don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t feed our pack – they happily report to work everyday for continuous quality control!

We are here to not only provide support and education to our customers, but to bring out service right to their front door. We started Rawsome Dogs to give pet owners a convenient and affordable way to feed their beloved pets a natural, holistic, raw food diet that is grain-free. Every dog has an individual need and therefore, all meal plans are developed and customized to your pet.

Let us help feed your dog and cat the way nature intended!

WE NEED MEAT!  Rawsome Dogs is dedicated exclusively to offering wholesome raw food diets. We offer a variety of affordable raw meal plans for dogs and cats made of only the highest quality all natural products.  Contact us today or stop in for more information!



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