We carry a range of Raw Dog and Cat Food Brands which have been first approved by our own dogs and cat.  Between us we have five German Shepherds, a Boarder Collie, two Wiener dogs, a lab, three mix breeds of varying sizes and a fluffy cat.  If a food doesn't pass their quality control - it does not make it to the store. 


  Big Country Raw, Big Country Raw at Rawsome DogsFood for pets, naturally.

  We our proud to offer an ALL CANADIAN raw pet food for your dog or cat that is both convenient and affordable!


Raw Performance at Rawsome Dogs

Raw Performance focuses on providing the absolute best quality raw diets for your pets. Using only the best cuts of meat, sourced locally with no fillers, additives or preservatives.  


CCongo Raw specializes in offering a select range of premium biologically appropriate products to ensure optimal health for your pet.


Tollden Farms at Rawsome Dogs

Tollden Farms

A Commitment to Fresh. Tollden Farms provides us with an extensive variety of proteins.

WE NEED MEAT!  Rawsome Dogs is dedicated exclusively to offering wholesome raw food diets. We offer a variety of affordable raw meal plans for dogs and cats made of only the highest quality all natural products.  Contact us today or stop in for more information!



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