Why Feed Rawsome Dogs

Rawsome Dogs Makes it Easy and Affordable 
to Feed Your Dog and cat All-Natural, Raw Food!

We started Rawsome Dogs to give pet owners a convenient and affordable way to feed their dogs and cats a natural, raw food diet that is grain-free.

It all starts with high-quality, natural ingredients

• Our suppliers use only human-quality meat from government inspected facilities. Our dinners contain only the freshest human grade proteins and the freshest vegetables and fruits. The vegetable dinners contain whole cuts and whole organs. There are no by-products or foods not deemed fit for human consumption.

• There are no added grains, cereals or other fillers in our foods. Most dogs and cats do not need them and our philosophy is based on the idea that meat provides a superior source of protein for pets.

Our meals are the freshest possible, assuring the greatest nutrient value for your pet. Even the best ingredients are compromised by extended storage in warehouses before they reach the store shelf. We purchase directly from the manufacturers on a weekly basis ensuring your meals never sit for an extended period of time. Additionally, many of our specialty products are made with love in our own kitchen using organic produce.

Our customizable meal plans and specialty products provide complete nutrition for all dogs and cats throughout their lifespanfrom puppies to seniors. Our meal plans are formulated based on individual pet need to meet or exceed nutritional guidelines for All Life Stages. We are committed to pricing our meals as affordably as possible. We know that for most people, cost is an important factor in choosing your pet’s meals. Our ‘direct from the manufacturer to you’ approach is designed to enable more pet owners to be able to afford a fresh food diet for their pets. 

We believe that every dog is unique, and so is its diet. We think that the importance of a fresh, natural diet outweighs the issue of whether the meat used is raw or cooked. Although we believe that a raw food diet is best for most dogs and cats, we realize that such a product may not be appropriate for all pets (or owners), or that some pets (or owners) may need an intermediate step before switching to an all-raw diet. We are committed to enabling pet owners to recognize the benefits of a fresh food diet regardless of which alternative they choose.

We respect all animals. Out of respect for the animals that are used as livestock for our products, we seek suppliers for our products that employ humane raising and slaughtering practices.

We believe that “knowledge is power.”
 Great decisions stem from great research. We have a variety of books available in our site library for our customers to borrow. We also employ knowledgeable staff that can assist you in answering your questions or concerns and customizing a meal plan for your favorite friend. Stop into Rawsome Dogs today to see us or give us a call at your convenience!

WE NEED MEAT!  Rawsome Dogs is dedicated exclusively to offering wholesome raw food diets. We offer a variety of affordable raw meal plans for dogs and cats made of only the highest quality all natural products.  Contact us today or stop in for more information!



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