What's the deal with Raw?

Essential amino acids and fatty acids within raw make the skin less oily. Prepare for a softer, shinier coat with much less shedding.

Since dogs don’t brush their teeth like we do, they rely on bones and a proper diet! Fresher, more natural ingredients promote optimal oral health, cleaner teeth, healthier gums always makes dog hugs better.

Many processed dog foods contain grains and omg! Sugar! This combination is very unnatural to a dogs diet and often results in flared up paws, runny eyes, ear infections, joint issues and gassy digestive systems. A proper raw diet is meat, bone, and organ. No filler, grain, and sugar - the way mother nature planned it.

As humans, can you imagine eating nothing but cereal each meal each day? This is the life of a dog eating kibble or canned processed food. With a raw diet, not only are the meals prepared in the ideal of 80:10:10 proportions (meat : bone : organ) different proteins are recommended to ensure your dog's meals are nutritional and exciting. Go ahead and tell your dog this meal should be beef, duck, salmon, and turkey!

Most processed dog foods contain high levels of sugar. Not only does sugar feed diseases, it creates entergy highs and lows for our pets. Raw feeding is essential and helps your dog maintain blood glucose levels for a much happier and well mannered fur friend.

It’s pretty simple, if more waste goes in, more waste comes out. It’s one of the first noticeable improvements for raw feeders! Not only is the amount much less, it's drier and easier to deal with. Since raw food contains 60-70% more moisture than processed food, your dog is always naturally hydrated! 

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